Banger Rally FAQ's

What's a Banger Rally?
A banger rally is a bunch of people driving their own battered cars along a suggested route, meeting at pre-determined locations in the evening for parties of various intensity.

Do we need to have a banger before we register?
No. Buying your banger can be almost as much an adventure as the rally itself! Leaving it till later can mean you get a beast with enough tax left on her to get you through the event. Don't leave it too late because you need the V5 which can take a little while depending on the DVLA's mood.

Where do we go to?
Each of our fantastic routes take you through great European towns and cities that you'll be dying to go back and visit again. Once you've selected the rally you're interested in, click 'Route' on the left hand menu and then follow the top menu for a day by day explanation of the route and stop over towns.

Is it really possible to buy a car for £250 or less?
Yes. Ebay is always a good option but there are plenty of other ways to hunt out a bargain.

How much does it cost to enter?
Entry fees for each event are listed under the heading 'Entry & Prizes' from the 'About' page on each particular event's website

How do we theme our team?
Just be as original as you can. Most of the motoring greats have been done already but see how creative you can be. There's no point stopping at decorating your banger so you may as well go the whole way and turn up in fancy dress too! Check out the Gallery for some inspiration from past teams and don't forget there is a prize on each rally for the best team overall and dont forget to read the theme guidelines.

Do we have to drive back?
No. If you don't want to drive back you can scrap your car at the destination and fly home. Make sure you look after your documents for the dutation of the journey as you will need them to scrap your car.

Will there be any mechanical support along the way in case we break down?

Can you get break down cover on a car that's about to break down?
From our experience, yes you can. Try a few companies for competitive quotes.

What about insurance?
We work closely with an insurance company who have a policy specifically designed for the event. This information is available to registered teams from your home page once you've logged in.

How long does the rally last?
All our rallies follow the same format. Registration is from 18h00 on the Thursday before the start. All teams need to register with us in Calais before midnight. The rally starts at 08h30 on the Friday and you should arrive at the destination towards the late afternoon or early evening on the Monday depending on your choice of banger!

What should we take with us?
As much or as little as you like. We suggest you only take what you are prepared to carry!

Is there anything that each team MUST have?
Digital camera, mobile telephone and a sense of humour as well as the other stuff mentioned on the rules page.

Do we have to raise money for charity to take part?
No. You will not be at any disadvantage if you are not fundraising although teams raising money for charity will enjoy preferential entry to all Ramshackle Rallies.

What are the challenges?
Now that would be telling! The challenges are top secret but let's just say that the Slovakian grannies are safe this year!

Are the challenges compulsory?
No. They are the only way to earn big points though. If you're having a crack at the prize then you will have to complete the challenges.

Will I need any Visa's to enter the countries on the rally?
Some people may need visas. Check with a specialist company a before deciding as some foreign consular websites can be horribly out of date. EU passport holders should NOT require any visas but please check before you leave if you're unsure.

Do the rally organisers arrange border crossings?
No. You are ordinary tourists in your own rights. We do not guarantee entry to any of the countries along the route. That would be boring. We will provide advice of what to do and what not to do as you approach the border controls to increase your chances of a smooth entry so to speak!

What is a Rally Bible?
The Rally Bible is the comprehensive handbook which you receive which offers advice on how best to enjoy the Ramshackle Banger Rally experience. It has safety information as well as route guidance however we are not here to navigate for you - that's all part of the stress!

Is there an age limit?
We regret there are no under 18's allowed.

I have an ASBO. Can I take part in a Ramshackle Rally?
No. Anti-social behaviour of any type is not tolerated. These events are designed to be enjoyed by everybody taking part. If you can't control yourself after a few Ribena's then enter a different rally.

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