Ramshackle's Gone Green

Here at Ramshackle HQ we're doing our bit for the environment too by donating to co2balance who are a carbon off setting company. co2balance invest the money that is donated to them in various projects which are aimed at absorbing co2 and from minimising the production of co2 throughout the world. This means that the co2 you produce on the rally is automatically offset by us. Take a look at the projects they are currently running by clicking here.


If you want to do that little bit extra then why not bring a tree along and plant it along the route somewhere! A round of shandy's for the team with the biggest tree!


The scrap yards which are arranged by us will ensure that all bangers which are scrapped are recycled as far as is possible so you can fly home safe in the knowledge that your banger may someday be part of a ship, a bridge or even a shiny new fuel efficient hybrid!


Points To Ponder...

If you didn't take your banger on a one way trip to the gallows then what would it be doing otherwise and how many more miles would it do before it was scrapped? Well, it's anybody's guess but our money says that it would probably do a whack more mileage than the 1500 you're going to treat it to. So you're actually removing an old vehicle from the environment, making way for a new more fuel efficient vehicle, maybe even a hybrid! If you didn't scrap that banger then it may live to do another 10,000 so you've just saved 8500 miles worth of co2 right there!

Did You Know

Four people taking a return flight from Heathrow to Valencia produce 2.16 tonnes of co2. Four people on the same return car journey in a medium sized car (1.4-2.0 litre) only produce 0.86 tonnes of co2. Thats over 60% less co2 by banger even if you Ramshackle there and back!

Now go and hug a tree!

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