Charity & Sponsorship

Raising money for a worthy cause can be very rewarding but aren't you just sick to death of sponsored walks? Ramshackle rallies are ideal platforms for you to raise some desperately needed cash for a charity of your choice. Teams have raised up to £10,000.00 before so why not give it a crack!

Humanitas Charity

In 2014 Ramshackle rally and Humanitas Charity are teaming up to help raise money for projects that improve childrens lives.

For over a decade, Humanitas has taken decisive action to protect and care for some of the worlds most vulnerable young people, rescuing hundreds of children and teenagers from state-institutions where they were tied up in cots and left without regular food, water or care. Our primary mission is to prevent the abandonment and institutionalisation of children in developing countries via our medical and support projects and by providing homes for children through foster care and family style residential homes.

“We believe that every child has a right to free health care, education and a family. We strive to provide children across the globe with these three key rights.”

For more information, please click on the following links:Humanitas everydayhero.



Using trusted websites to collect money for your charity of choice is by far and large the easiest way to manage charitable donations. What's more, if your donors are UK tax payers then uncle Gordon and the henchmen that are running this gaff will add 22% to the donations. Your donors will need to tick a box confirming they're taxpayers so don't forget to remind them to check the box. The best and most widely trusted website that provides this service is Justgiving. Give them a whirl and spin some dosh for a charity.


Justgiving also provide widgets and badges which you can add to your Facebook or Myspace pages. There's a heap of info on the Justgiving site if you have any queries they're always happy to help. Here are a few more fundraising ideas.

Fundraising for Team Expenses

You can fundraise to help cover the costs of taking part in the rally. You need to be clear with your donors what their money will be used for. Companies and local businesses are often very willing to sponsor a tank of fuel in exchange for having their logo on your car. Getting sponsorship from local businesses is easier if you are able to provide them with some publicity.


The long and short of this is that the big newspapers are inundated with requests from all sorts of people for publicity when it comes to raising money. That shouldn't stop you from trying but also try your local newspaper. Local papers are often very keen to promote your team particularly if you're supporting a local charity. Have a photo taken with your banger and try and make sure that they publish your fundraising URL.

Environmental Concerns

You'll need to address environmental concerns which are likely to be raised if you're fundraising. Check out the Environment pages for some ammo.

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